You don’t know us yet; so don’t take our word for it.

Phil Rubinfeld, MD:

“The employees and the nurses love working here, again, we have group of great doctors that were organized by the Murphy Healthcare Group. We all enjoy working with each other, and the nurses and the employees feed off that.”

Marc Kahn, MD:

“Murphy Healthcare has been a home run.”

John Murphy, MD:

“Murphy Healthcare was instrumental on syndicating the other physicians, making our surgery center much more efficient and providing much more diverse surgery possibilities.”

Joan O’Shea, MD:

“We have a zero percent infection rate for spinal surgery and those include lumbar laminectomy, lumbar discectomy, anterior cervical artificial disc replacements, anterior cervical discectomy and fusions, up to three levels. The patients typically go home the same day; they are happy with the staff. The staff provides almost one to one care, which (the patients) are unable to receive in a hospital, even if they are in the intensive care unit.”

Mark Manigan Esq. (Brach Eichler LLC):

“We share a number of clients with Murphy Healthcare…One thing I appreciate about the Murphys is their zeal for getting involved with me on behalf of the industry.”

Vikki Christopher, R.N. (ASC Administrator):

“You need someone to go with the business aspects of it that the doctors really don’t have the time to get involved with, because when they’re here their main concern is taking care of their patient and doing their procedures.”

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