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Murphy Healthcare is unique among ambulatory surgery center (ASC) consultants, developers, and managers. Our leadership has produced remarkably consistent results and close relationships, creating safe and profitable facilities.

For over 20 years, it’s been our privilege to improve the quality of the care, quality of business and quality of life for hundreds of surgeons struggling with healthcare’s financial and regulatory burdens.

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“Our surveys are almost one hundred percent — the patients are completely satisfied.”
– Marc Kahn, MD

Our first concern is providing the best environment for surgeons to provide their best care. We do this by optimizing the surgery center to eliminate business distractions and inefficiencies. As a result, our surgeon partners enjoy measurable improvements in clinical success and patient satisfaction.

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“With all the changes in healthcare, all our reimbursements were decreasing and our costs were increasing. The surgery center allows you to maximize your profits from procedures”
– John Murphy, MD

As there are no “simple” surgeries, there are no “simple” templates for ASC success. We build each solution based on a thorough knowledge of your practice and a personal commitment to your success. For each client, we develop customized strategies that consistently deliver 30% to 40% or more increases in profitability. We also actively advocate on behalf of our partners and our industry.

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“I was working weekends. I was working nights. Now I go home, I get to spend time with my family and play golf on the weekends. Couldn’t be better”
– Phil Rubinfeld, MD

Between the economy, the insurance companies and the government, how can you achieve the life you planned when you got into medicine? It’s easier than you think. Because when Murphy Healthcare does what we got into this business to do, surgeons get their lives back. So you can focus on your patients and your passions.

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“All I have to do is pick up the phone and call Bill Mena, Rob Murphy or John Murphy and the problem is considered solved virtually immediately”
– Marc Kahn, MD

We’re a values based business, built on long-term relationships. These days that’s pretty rare. But ask our clients what a difference it makes. There’s no second tier, there are no corporate barriers. From the day we engage, our clients have our personal attention and phone numbers. It’s not your standard client relationship.

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